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Live Online Workshop June 15, 2024

Live Online Workshop June 15, 2024

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Online Live Workshop (June 15, 2024)

* 2-hour live online painting workshop on June 15 at 

Calgary 10:00, New York 12:00, London 17:00 (UTC), Kyiv 19:00
* 2-week access to the recording after workshop
* A Telegram group chat for participants

Workshop Materials

  1. Acrylic Paint - Brands like FolkArt, Craft Smart, Americana, Decoart, Martha Stewart Crafts, or Liquitex are recommended.

  2. Round Paintbrush - Size between 4 to 7, can be synthetic or squirrel.

  3. Cat Brush (or Small Round Brush with Sharp Tip) - If a cat brush isn't available, a small round brush with a sharp tip is a suitable alternative.

  4. Paper - Any thick paper, ideally no less than 176 g/m. Choose the thickness that fits your budget.

  5. Canvas - Preferably 12 in x 12 in (30.4 cm x 30.4 cm) for the best painting experience.

  6. Tools and Accessories:

    • A jar for water
    • Cotton swabs
    • Eraser
    • Pencil
    • Bamboo skewers 

Prepare these materials to make the most out of your workshop experience!