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Kateryna Kryvolap is an artist originally from Ukraine who makes her home in Manitoba, Canada with her husband and two children. She was raised and educated in an artistic family where she found her passion for fine art.

Although Kateryna creates artwork of different styles, her website is dedicated exclusively to both contemporary decorative and traditional decorative painting styles. According to the artist, her paintings are more than fine art because they carry positive energy that is coded in symbolic decor elements.

Traditional Ukrainian decorative painting arose out of a folk art which was believed to have the magical power to protect from sorrow. Depictions of certain elements such as birds and flowers represented prosperity, harmony, and happiness.

When creating decorative art, Kateryna Kryvolap dedicates her time to the extension of conventional boundaries by incorporation of techniques and styles of the past, adapting them to the trends and materials of the present. Balanced colourful compositions with attention to small details combined with sophistication, tell the viewer about the artist's self-expression, creativity, and aesthetic taste.

Since the perception of art is diverse, people of different nationalities and countries collect Kateryna’s original artwork not only for decoration purposes but in order to possess the new heritage of decorative art.