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Online Art Course "Petrykivka for Beginners" with unique handmade paint brush!
Online Art Course "Petrykivka for Beginners" with unique handmade paint brush!

Online Art Course "Petrykivka for Beginners" with unique handmade paint brush!

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This is an original video course by Kateryna Kryvolap.

This easy to follow online video lessons ensure a step-by-step learning process to help and guide you on your Petrykivka journey. By the end of each video lesson, you will reward yourself with a completed decorative painting.

What is included

  • 5 videos lessons in HD
  • 2 bonus video exercises
  • a unique handmade paint brush from cat fur (free shipping is included) to start creating your amazing Petrykivka
  • direct feedback from Kateryna Kryvolap with the opportunity to submit your newly created artwork for a review

This course is for you if you
  • want to learn Petrykivka Art
  • curious to try a unique cat brush
  • need to boost your mood
  • wish to reduce your stress level


  • no prior knowledge or experience is necessary
  • a specific list of the supplies

What do you need

  • Acrylic paint just 10-12 basic colors... or a box of acrylic paints according to your budget. These could be any of the following brands FolkArt, Craft Smart, Americana, Decoart, Marta Stewart Crafts.
  • A round paintbrush, size between 4 to 7. It could be synthetic or squirrel.
  • Acrylic Painting Paper or any kind of Paper as thick as you can afford but no less than 176 g/m.
  • A jar to hold water, cotton swabs, an eraser, a pencil, and bamboo skewers.

The best possible experience

IMPORTANT! After we process your payment, the following will happen to provide you with the best possible experience with your first Petrykivka course:

  1. We will send you a unique handmade cat brush with Canada Post.

  2. When you receive a cat brush, we will give you full access to all video lessons and bonus materials that constitute your Art Course Curriculum.

  3. Now you may proceed with your first video lesson whenever you are ready. Even though all lessons are meant to be completed in the order they are presented in the Art Course Curriculum, you may try them in any order you like.

  4. Whenever you wish to ask questions Kateryna Kryvolap or receive feedback, feel free to use the "Discussions" feature of the course.

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